Recovering from loss


Recovering from grief is a hard long journey.  It’s not a single event but a process.

Grief comes on us suddenly and leaves us slowly.

Our hearts take time to recover and heal and you don’t ever totally heal if your loss is a child.  You learn to pack your loss like a packsack on your back.  Over time you grow stronger and the packsack isn’t quite so heavy.

Responding to Grief helps if you have someone who has been there to lean on.  As your shared experiences mesh you accept new habits into your life.  New ways of thinking and doing that will with time and consistency ease your pain on your journey.

Tears and emotional pain are immediate

Numbness and shock protect you from the enormity of your situation for a time.  You’re insulated partly from the reality of what has happened.  STUNNED is a good word – because you function as tho in a dream – a nightmare that you can’t wake up from.

Guilt – blaming self – for the ”if only I had” done things differently – seen what was coming !! guilt is ugly and backbreaking and one of the hardest feelings to overcome !!

Your grief will be the biggest burden you’ll ever carry.  Why carry it alone. 

God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and your Angels can and will help you if you ask them in .

We only cast our cares over to God when we realize the depth of our weakness and the depth of God’s love.  When we’re floundering to live we grasp a life line – let that life line be God.  If you Ask God to help you carry your burden and lighten your load slowly but surely over time he will.  One step at a time. **  Go on living until you feel alive again.

*Psm 55: 22 ‘’Cast your burden on the Lord and He shall sustain you.

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