About Sharon

Sharon Nadeau is a person designed by the Universe for a unique purpose.  The purpose is not what I would have chosen for myself.  The sudden death of my only daughter at 17 was devastating as you can imagine and robbed me of any understanding of the reason life exists on this planet called Earth.

2018 marks 23 years since that tragic day in August, 1995 and my purpose over the years has evolved to where I am now an expert in the field of Grieving.  This education happened through the halls of learning but mostly through living the journey.

I managed to stay in my marriage which is now into it’s 48th year and have two grown sons, one married, one single.

I am a Gramma of 3 perfect Grandchildren (of course – who’s aren’t perfect) and joy has returned gradually over the years.

My goal is to shine a light on those walking the path I’ve been down.  This is a journey only you can walk but you don’t walk alone.  I consider it my duty and purpose to help you walk through the valley.

I will shed some wisdom on your journey. Everyone needs support during trauma.