Anxiety vs. Peace


God commands us ”Be anxious for nothing” Phil. 4:6

WOW – and never is that harder to do than when you grieving……the scripture continues…..

In everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving let your wants be made known to God. AND………….the Peace of God , which surpasses ALL understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Praying using God’s word works – Call him on his word. Do not beg – BUT come ”boldly” towards the Throne – saying ”your word says ”….and request his response/favor/mercy/grace…..

Pray knowing he hears you for that is his promise. He promises

You WILL have the petitions you ask of him.

Get to know his promises by studying the word – You can’t Believe for what you don’t know. Believe – Receive – Thank Him for your answers. Pray for enlightenment, knowledge, wisdom and loving support. You will be awe struck by what comes to you – and then you”ll laugh right out loud cause you know from whence your answers have come.

He’s available all the time.

Create a PRAYER BOX and write out your requests and put them in the Box. That’s your ”out mail” directed to the God of the Universe. Let him answer you. ALWAYS give Thanks………..

Enlightenment with super natural intent.