Be Anxious for Nothing !!


The scripture commands us ”Be anxious for nothing” – YES – it is a command !!  

When one is grieving loss ”being anxious” seems to be an automatic response.  I find myself being ”anxious” many times in a normal day.  The being ”anxious for nothing” takes work and due diligence.  Due diligence is becoming consciously aware of the anxiety and the thoughts behind the anxiety.  WOW – that’s a big order.  It is but only at first.  Like with anything involving growth and evolving the self ”becoming consciously aware” is the FIRST STEP.

We are BLESSED beyond measure always but most especially when we grasp the concept that our thoughts fuel our emotions and ”anxiety” is an emotional response.  Any emotional response affects the body is all areas, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It becomes our ”command” then to grow our thoughts which with time and due diligence changes our emotional response and ”anxiety” becomes for the most part at least manageable

The scripture promises a ”renewing of the mind” and it happens with knowledge.  Knowledge creates growth !   Never is growth more apt to happen than when tragedy and loss occur in life.  It seems as though as humans we need to be brought to our knees before we look up.  In our desperation we are forced to look up as we grasp for a reason and a way to transcend loss from the piercing pain to peace.

As we begin a brand new year it becomes more important than ever for me to continue reaching out to help those I can.  In my writings this morning I wrote ”I continue my growth journey in order to help myself and those walking their journey behind me.”  My 25 years experience  walking the grief journey puts me in the unenviable position of being an ”expert” and being in a position to ”teach” .  Always what I have to teach is also what I have to learn.  Even after all these years I don’t have all the answers but I am living proof that becoming better and not bitter can happen despite the unfairness of loss.  Darn it – on this planet earth ”loss” is inevitable.

Life is just such a challenge !!   It’s in the trusting that God is the Source of all things good and ”will never leave us alone – no never”, that we receive the strength to carry on with life.  It’s true God would not give a ”command’  impossible for us to keep. YES in grief  the pain is a reality but I can tell you truthfully , despite the pain, if you focus your attention more on seeing and hearing with your spiritual eyes you will grow. Your personal relationship with the Source of all things good  will cause you to come out ”better” and not ”bitter and you can experience Heaven on Earth.