Be Transformed

A new way of being creates tranformation. A new way of thinking changes all avenues of your life.

Look at that beautiful butterfly in the picture above. It leaves you feeling light and airy and in awe of the magnicance of creation. This beautiful butterfly has been transformed.

The butterfly starts, as you know, as a larva and the change into a beautiful butterfly is called a metamorphosis. It starts small and very unattractive BUT through the process of evolving it grows and transforms into one of the most beautiful, colorful and awe-inspiring creation.

Instead of crawling on the ground – it now flies. It can go so much faster, so much further than it ever could before.

As in grief we can shift our focus from the negative aspects of our lives and focus on becoming more evolved through knowledge and wisdom of how the Universe works. We too can learn how to fly and not crawl. We can go like in Star Trek ”where no man has gone before”.

It is all in the willingness to work on ourselves to develop and evolve into the creation God intended us to be on creation. He has made us a magnificant creation.

He has a unique purpose for our being alive on this planet and at this time. Once in your heart you grasp this concept your personal evolving will have begun.

It takes time, patience and consistent effort to grown despite your loss and because of it. As we grow we glorify the God who created us, our loved one, and ourselves.

Decide WHO and WHAT you want to evolve into. START TODAY. Your life is a non renewable resource.

Like any trip you go on a guide can help you get where you’re going. You’d never travel to a strange place without a map or a GPS. As in grief, this is a journey quite likely you’ve never traveled before. A guide can keep you from getting lost and set you on a path that will lead you directly to your destination. Your destination has to be a positive one – from pain to peace.

My Grief Coaching is available to help you metamorphosize into the beautiful, unique creation God intended you to be.