The three G’s

Grace, Glory and Gratitude are three of the most VITAL ingredients you have to have in your grief arsenal. NOBODY […]

Journal your way through

I totally love to write – I love books – I love pens – I love pencils – I love […]

Love becomes NEW

LOVE When we understand that God understands and feels our pain over the death of our child we come to […]

It’s OK to be angry

ARE YOU ANGRY WITH GOD. Many people who are Believer’s when their child dies get angry at God. It’s OK […]

Recovering from loss

RECOVERING IS A PROCESS Recovering from grief is a hard long journey.  It’s not a single event but a process. […]

In the beginning….

In the beginning ….No Words – Only pain, tears and a deep empty void which your loved once filled .  When my daughter died our home was totally empty of her energy and vibrance.  Her absence physically left an empty shell which once had been a home full of her vast zest for life.  Yes in the spiritual realm I could feel her presence. […]


Look UP It is impossible to look at the vast awesomeness of the sky at nite with the stars twinkling […]


Gratitude is probably the easiest place to start and one of the most positive places to start when you’re grieving.  […]


OKAY TO WITHDRAW  The death of a child changes us.  An extrovert suddenly becomes an introvert.  An introvert becomes extroverted. […]


Enlightenment moves your conscious level to a higher level and as enlightenment goes up so does your vibrations so your […]