Books & Audio

Surviving your Loss

30 minutes of wisdom and expertise that I have found impacted my journey to a new life after the death of my daughter.  This words are expressed from the heart in an open and authentic way and are shared to help you take the first step to rebuilding your life after loss.

Shell Shocked Soldier

50 minutes of insights gleaned from walking the path of grief on my journey to rebuilding myself after the death of my daughter. I felt like a soldier in the trenches escaping enemy fire.
This message helps and is delivered with that intent straight from the heart.

e-book – Get a Life

When my daughter was killed I was rocked with the ravages of the different facets of grief.  It was in my quest for healing that I wrote this book.  It is raw content of my emotions and thoughts and explains in detail the steps I took personally to ‘’Get a Life’’.  I wanted my daughter’s death to make a difference in the live’s of other’s.  That’s what she would have wanted.  I offer this e-book to you as a first step towards rebuilding your life, and proof that a new way of life is possible.  It’s about opening to receive the goodness designed for you.