Healthy Diversion

The natural tendency in grief is to create a diversion from the pain. Be vigilant in where you allow your diversion to lead you. Diversion can be healthy or it can be unhealthy.

Diversion can build your life and create something good where nothing was before. Diversion can tear you down and make you less than your best. Guard your desires.

My attitude during my grief journey was to make myself into the best person I could become. I chose education as my diversion. I thought, ”I’m hurting no matter what I do, I may as well learn something about what’s happening to me”. Thus began my expertise in the field of grief.

Uplifting diversion

Walking the halls of education, personal experience and books became my way of diverting from the pain. A great combination. Death and Grief were not subjects I would have chosen to study but the Universe had different plans for me. It has brought me a long way from the person I was. It has brought not only my wellness and awareness but has allowed me to share it with other’s whose lives I am blessed to touch. It has allowed me to find light and shine that light on the hurting who follow me on their own path.

Those were my choices!! NOW you get to decide what avenue you’d like to grow in. My choice was natural for me because my interests have always focused on reading, writing, educating and study. I know people all have different and unique talents to them. If you can paint, dig in the dirt, create a memorial garden a quilt, build something physically it’s a healthy and rewarding diversion Create something unique because you are unique and only you can do it. Plant a tree !!

BEWARE of the dangers of diversion. Alcohol can become an easy addiction and bring you more grief. Gambling, drugs, sex, all easy to fall into. Remember whatever hole you dig for yourself you must dig yourself back out. Addictions are ways to self medicate and seem a quick cure. Ultimately they’re destructive.

There is no quick cure. You’ve got work to do. It’s not ”around the valley ”of death, it’s ”through the valley” that we come onto the other side where a new life awaits us

Create a diversion that works and takes you outside your pain . My Mother used to knit. She’d get a big smile on her face and would sit for hours creating a warm and cozy afghan and put love in every stitch.

Baby Love

I spent many hours at the gym – a healthy place to divert your energies. The birth and love of my grandchildren have been excellent diversions. Before they were born my neighbor had two small children a boy and a girl and from birth they were a loving diversion and healing for my brokenness.

You could become a teacher of children. You could advocate for the rights of the underprivileged, the aged, the street people. A great example of a healthy diversion is ”MADD” , Mother’s Against Drunk Driving. The catalyst was the death of the founder’s son by a drunk driver. Good can come out of your loss.

What puts a smile on your face? What gives you a safe place to escape to? Are you an interior decorator? Is it time for a career change? Do you hate your job? Change it !! Act !! Don’t let fear hold you back. Pretend and believe it’s a fact and it will be a fete accompli.

Angels await your requests

What you believe becomes your reality. Look up, watch the clouds, see and feel the vastness of the Universe in the blue sky. Get outside at night and be awestruck by the stars and the moon. Remember God has placed you on this earth for a reason. You have a special mission. A mission only you can accomplish. It always has to do with your natural abilities and what you love.

Do you love to talk? Talk then and share your experiences and help other’s at the same time. JUST DO IT…..Remember to pray for strength, enlightenment and wisdom. You’re on your way !! The Universe respects ACTION so take ACTION today. Start small………and grow my friend. Prepare yourself to meet your loved one again – become ”Heaven Ready” !!

Enlightened Grieving with Supernatural intent

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