Do you know how to get your prayers answered?


To have a winning prayer life you have to know that it’s a two-way conversation !!  Right !!!  With prayer you talk to Jesus and in return Jesus answers your prayers.  Right ??  NO you say ??  Your prayers aren’t being answered ???  Hummm… fixing the engine on a car – if it’s not working – dig into the causes.  Today we’re going to do a formula which promises” your prayers are heard and answered”.

First Rule of prayers is – DO IT…….Oh man how easy it is to be lazy and say ”Oh he knows what I need – want, etc”. BUT did you know the Bible says ”ASK….and keep on asking…..SEEK ….and keep on seeking…..KNOCK….and keep on knocking. Luke ll:9 YES YES YES ”vs. 10 ”For EVERYONE that asks receives, he that seeks finds, he that knocks it shall be opened.



In meditational prayer I can always tell I’m out of my head and into my heart when the tears flow.  That tells me I’ve opened up. YES YES and YES.   

How many times are our prayers not answered because we didn’t get open and honest and ASK.


This rule takes FAITH……and KNOWING God’s word is true.  Mark 11:24 ”What things soever you desire, when you pray, BELIEVE that you receive them and you shall have them.”  WOW – now that takes FAITH big FAITH.  The Devil makes sure DOUBT enters the picture and robs you of your faith as soon as you pray your requests.  BUT good news is – Jesus gave you ”AUTHORITY”.  Ask what you will and it will be done for you.  It’s knowing not only that God CAN but he WILL.  The Devil has no authority unless you give it to him.  

There are many different types of prayers. Prayers of faith, prayer of commitment, prayer of worship, prayer of agreement, united prayer and intercessory prayer.  Doesn’t matter how many types of prayer there are – it matters that prayer is sincere, based on God’s word (you need to know his promises) and each and every time you pray you must EXPECT results. That’s a big one for me.  I pray sure – but I’m working on upping my expectation of return.  I’m just a work in progress as are we all.

I’ve always been modest in my prayer life – not wanting to be greedy – grasping, etc.  I didn’t realize that by not making ”my requests known to God” I was restricting his ability to work awesomeness in my life.  I was restricting his ability to receive GLORY because I wasn’t wanting to ask too much, daaaa……It’s through my blessings, not only am I able to bless other’s, but also for Him to receive the Glory. YES YES and YES.


John 15: 7 ”If you live in Me – and My words remain in you and continue to live in your hearts, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you.”

1) If you live in Me – (are united with Him)

2) If His words remain in you (are you speaking his words/promises)

3) If His words continue to live in your hearts (from the heart right !)

Notice the ”IF”……….are you praying united in Him, with His words, from your heart ???   ASK, SEEK, RECEIVE my friends.  It’s all in the power of the tongue.  Prayers not received can’t be answered.  Prayers not believed can’t be answered.

God has given us the power to choose…….we know that…..right !!! …….So it’s up to us to choose to pray from the heart, with His words using Your Faith.  WOW……Simple but it’s in the doing that our requests are heard and answered.

John 14:14 ”If you shall ask anything in My name, I WILL DO IT”.

Remember the power of the One you are praying to.  His power parted the Red Sea, raised Lazarus after he had been dead 4 days, healed the sick and fed the masses.  ALWAYS pray.  I find myself talking to Him every moment of the day.  He’s my friend, He’s where I lean.  The Blessing of the Holy Spirit is a miraculous gift that keeps on giving.  It makes me laugh out loud sometimes when I ask ”OK – Holy Spirit I don’t know how to do this – (mostly technical stuff) and I continue……so you’re gonna have to show me how NOW…..and he delivers each and every time.  I’m always pleasantly surprised. I’ve learned to expect to get my answer.

Anyone grieving, and now we are a world grieving with the attack of the COVID19 virus, we NEED prayer BIG TIME.  Pray daily  many times  Psm 91. vs 1 ”He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (safety – protection – ) YES YES and YES vs; 7 ”A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near thee (protection) YES YES and YES  vs. 11 ”For He shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways” (protection in ALL ways)  vs 16 ”With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation”.  My favorite GO TO scripture always.

With prayer there is no room to be lazy.  In consistency lies the power my friends.

Matthew 5:4 ”Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted”.  In grief as in life we all NEED prayer for comfort.

Remember the KEY is to DO IT !!

Enlightened Grieving with supernatural intent.

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