Do you know the way ?

Finding Peace
Finding Peace is searching out the things that give you pleasure

Just as I carry genes of my earthly parents – Mom and Dad – so I carry the spiritual genes of my Father in Heaven (3 in 1 – my Father – my Brother and the Holy Spirit). Aren’t I Blessed.

My earthly genes are ”seen”. My body appearance, hair color, eye color, skin color, my size and shape.

My heavenly genes are the ”inner man” or the ”spirit” which characteristics are love, kindness patience, long suffering, perseverence, joy and faith.

All of these are God’s genes in me. The power of the spirit of love lives in me ! Because;

  1. I am Born of Him
  2. He created me in my Mother’s womb
  3. He will never leave me or forsake me
  4. I abide in his shadow
  5. He commands his Angels concerning me
  6. He rescues me
  7. He answers my prayers

When you ask Jesus into your heart you are divinely connected. WOW what a free and life changing Blessing that is.

I ask according to God’s Will and I know I will receive what I ask. These things are true. Altho I am not without fault I ask in Jesus’ name that he remove sins from within me in order that my light – which is his light – may shine and eliminate the darkness. I receive His promise to purify my unrighteousness and thank Him for it and all is forgiven. As I forgive so I will be forgiven.

1 John 5: 14 & 15 ”This is the confidence we have in approaching God – that if we ask anything according to his will – He hears us – knowing he hears us – we know we have what we asked of him.”

These and many more of his promises have given me hope in the land of the living while walking the journey to life after the death of my daughter. He is the way for sure. With Him all things are possible. He leads – he supports and he always loves. In grieving we are so desperately in need of love and direction. My Grief Coaching incorporates God’s love and his divine knowledge together with my personal survival experience. It’s a double edged sword that cuts through the pain of loss. I coach you on the growth that can come out of the pain. Through pain you have been given an opportunity to rise up and make a difference for all who walk in darkness. Most importantly you have an opportunity to become the person God has created you to become. The best version of yourself happens with growth.