Does it get easier ?

Lean on Love

If you are grieving a loss you can be sure your grief will change. Does it become easier people always ask hoping the answer will be a resounding YES.

Grief Changes !! Of that you can rest assured. It takes time to actually see and feel the changes. Over time you will be in the position to look back and see how far you have traveled. In the looking back you find ”clarity” as to what you were feeling at the time.

Again and Again and Again I encourage people to Journal. In the journaling you will have written evidence as to how far you’ve advanced on your path from pain to peace.

PEACE is a destination that can be arrived at with time and with God’s help.

In the passages of the Bible the encouragement and support that God loves you, cares for you and will never leave you or forsake you become something you can trust and rely on.

Your homework becomes KNOWING what those words are.

I memorized Psm. 139 and Psm 91 and would recommend you do the same. Those loving words and concrete promises are REAL and will come to pass in your life if you speak them, believe them, pray them and receive them as the truths that they are !!

I also memorized Psm.26 ”The Lord is my Shephard” and anytime fear or doubt creep into my conscious mind the Lord is my Shephard, etc. automatically comes to my defence and I’m moved from pain to peace.

The most important work you’ll ever do to heal begins in these scriptures.

Don’t wait – START NOW