Rest and Restore

DON’T PUSH – Grief is personally unique and will take a different amount of time for each person.

DON’T JUDGE – DON’T LOSE PATIENCE – Grief is so ”Me” oriented and sometimes it does seem no progress is being made BUT believe me even when it seems like nothing is happening, something is happening beneath the surface.

DON’T BE AFRAID of your pain and emotions  Remember it’s healthy to get it OUT – just chose healthy ways of getting it out.

DON’T DENY THE PAIN – friends want you to get back to the normal they remember before your loss – in order that they will feel better.  They are afraid of your grief BUT that doesn’t mean they don’t care.  They’ve never been where you are so can’t comprehend the depth of your pain.

DON’T LOOK TOO FAR AHEAD – take it one day – one step at a time.  Grief is a journey not a destination !

BEWARE OF UNHEALTHY DIVERSIONS – relationships, alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping in the extreme add to the burdens you’re already carrying


LET YOUR HEART LEAD YOU – Be gentle in ALL you do – Take the High Road always – expand – take action – desire to heal – be persistent – determined – consistent and self disciplined

FAITH – PRAYER – journal – mediate – talk – share – cry – music – nature – write letters to your loved one – pictures – books – videos – movies – groups – silence – massage – self care

Positive knowledge that WILL help you navigate your Grief Journey.  Written from the heart – honestly – openly.  GET IT TODAY – It WILL HELP YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY.