Even after many years when I see that sweet smile and remembering the joy she felt, tears well up within me and my heart aches for what was !!


To rise up we need HOPE !! This poem offers hope and I share it with the intent that it offer hope to you too.

Grief brings with it so much darkness – it comes and goes. Light comes but slowly – but it comes !!

We don’t want the pain of it all – We don’t want the struggle of it all – We don’t want this long hard road. We breath, we function, but we’re always looking back to what was !!

Where do we go from here – Where do we start – Those are the questions that loom large in our conscious mind. Faith carries you if you have it in your life – if you don’t you need to get it. It takes time to grow through the negative emotions and into the light. It takes dedicated perseverance to study, read, quest and search for answers. The more knowledge you have about how the Universe works the greater your growth will be – the greater your growth the more hope you’ll feel. The more you know about yourself the more opportunity you’ll have to chose what works for you.

Nothing will change the reality of your loss BUT it’s your responsibility to do whatever it takes to grow through it so the lessons of the death aren’t lost. Want to become better. Don’t chose to become bitter. Want to come to terms with what life has dealt you. Only you can make that happen !!

Some days will be harder than other’s – that is something you can count on ! The God who is the Creator of all things will forever be by your side. He’s the reason hope is real. The promise of heaven anchors your soul. You are still alive on this planet – God has a reason for that. Seek it.

I want to help you.

Enlightened Grieving with Supernatural intent.