Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Outdoors today in the frozen North country reminds me of the picture above.

I was outdoors to put some Christmas lights up in an effort to cheer myself up because I don’t do cold very well.  Thus – the reason for residing part of the year in California.

Much like grief if I search for the gratitude in the ”cold” frozen North country I can find it.  Finding Joy today was involving myself in creating beauty.  I love Christmas lights and the twinkles and brightness it brings to the frozen white space.  The light changes everything!!  Everything seems happier and more alive.

I know that grief is sad – but similar to the frozen North it can have moments of joy and beauty.  Feel the joy by creating a legacy for the loved one you are missing.  The small spruce tree that I decorated today I planted 10 years ago when my first granddaughter was born.  Watching it grow as she is growing (far too fast) it brings the realization that life carries on no matter where I focus my attention.

My friends today and during this season do your best to find joy in the sacred moments you share with family and friends.  You can be sure they are feeling the sadness as well.  REMEMBER always your loved one lives in a dimension beyond what you can see with your physical eyes.  Feel their love by becoming more aware of life beyond what you see.

The scripture I share with you today is from Psalms 139 – speaking of God it says; ”He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge”.  For me outdoors in the cold today I was thinking just how Blessed I am to be covered by those feathers and nestled in safety and love under his wings.  It’s the blessing of the season to believe that Jesus lived for you – died for you – and Heaven is real and your loved one is enjoying Christmas Every Day in Heaven !!  NOW that should bring a smile despite of the sadness.  Search my friends for your happy gratitudes and it will help you through the hardest season of the year.

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