Grief and COVID19




Prayer for the World

We find ourselves in a WAR with an unseen enemy BUT together we can WIN that war.  Losing isn’t something that we can even consider.

In this time of turmoil to the world and ourselves personally it’s vital that we take up the Shield of the Lord and Protect Ourselves and those we love.  We do that by being cautious about our washing of hands, distancing, staying at home and eating and resting to nourish our bodies.  We also do that by becoming the WARRIORS that are going to cause this virus to die NOW.  This is no time to be silent and NO time to be afraid.  Warriors aren’t afraid and they expect to win.


Do your part to aid in the war effort – get busy and prepare a prayer list – start with those you love and from there continue adding the leaders of the world , the ministries of the world, the Dr.s, Nurses, Front line workers, essential services and all the cleaning personnel that are working so hard to keep us safe.  Pray too for those Samaritan Purse type organizations that are out there in action doing whatever they can to help.

We are a WORLD OF GRIEVING and with this comes the opportunity to make a difference.  Ask the Holy Spirit how you can make a difference.  The answer will come.  You are gifted with certain talents not everyone has – as a world is is time to grip this opportunity to meld together for the better good for everyone – not just those we love – but everyone !!

ALL things are possible for those who love God and are called according to his purpose – Romans 8:28.  We are all called to pray – take action !!   WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER is the phase of the day so let’s perceive and BE IN IT TOGETHER – by doing whatever we can to make a difference.  A small stone creates a ripple effect !!

God loves you and promises to protect you Psm. 91 – He commands His Angels to protect you in ALL  your ways !!  Believe it, Receive it and Thank God for it !!!

Enlightened Grieving with Supernatural Intent