Grief and the COVID19

One day last week I saw a picture of a funeral director all alone in the funeral parlour with the casket of someone’s loved one.  The sight was riveting because the seating area was totally empty of a grieving audience and this funeral director was preparing that the final service be done via telecommunication.  

The scene was forlorn to say the least and it touched my heart at a core level.  It was then I realized with this ”virus” attacking the world how many avenues of people’s lives it was attacking.  The poor grieving families weren’t able to gather and fellowship with people who could offer them comfort and love.  Devastating was the loss no matter the cause but to have to be ”socially distant” is not what the grieving need.  The isolation adds to the loneliness and loss they’re already feeling.

I send them my deepest compassion through the airwaves of the Universe.

Another thought came to me then of all the losses occurring ALL over the world with this ”virus”.  How those families and the victims of the disease have to be isolated from the love and support they need and in many cases die alone.

Who do you think orchestrated this death and disease ?

I remembered the Scripture in John 10:10 which states bluntly who is the orchestrator of every disaster every occurring on this planet.  ”He comes to steal, kill and destroy”.  That killer Devil who some have blindly believed doesn’t exist !!  He does and his power is evident in this time of crisis.

As if the ”virus” isn’t bad enough now enters ‘‘fear” the most deadly disease of them all.  Fear is a tool of the Devil .  Fear cripples.  Fear causes the body to shut down.  Fear causes the mind to become unwell.  Fear shakes the roots of the physical body to become distressed.  Blood pressure rises.  Fear if left unconstrained will take this planet to it’s knees. It will kill, steal and destroy every ounce of joy .  It’s a life sucking disease !

But you say – Fear is good – and I totally Agree !

Fear is good when it’s understood and rationalized BUT never when it’s left unchecked.  Fear creates a caution which is practical in a time of virus control.  Absolutely !!  I believe in taking precautions. Washing your hands, staying at home, social distancing are all practical steps.  Care with the shopping and storing of our food supply.

God gave us a brain to use it BUT to use it for our good not for our destruction. 

God’s words are always true and always unchanging – yesterday – today and forever.  He says; ”I have not given you a Spirit of Fear, but of POWER, AND LOVE, AND SELF-CONTROL. 2 Tim 1 vs 7.  Now you’ve got to believe this with all your heart – take it down into the inner core of who you are and keep repeating it.  STAND UP and REBUKE the DEVIL for what he is trying to do to our world.  Will you let him win or will you stand AGAINST HIM – and the VIRUS – All of us as a Nation have the power to destroy the work of the Devil.  You’ve got to Believe it to Receive it !!  It is within our power as a Spiritual Community to create a Miracle.  A miracle that no one can deny!  Medical science good take months to find a vaccine – are you willing to wait that long.  People are suffering and dying – We MUST take ACTION – We MUST PRAY and WE MUST REBUKE the Devil and his evil ”virus”.

Man I’m preaching a sermon here today !!  This is a choice of life or death.  Choose life folks.  

We must stand as a Nation or we will lose the battle !  I’m not a loser and neither are you !  Who you going to believe God’s word that says ”He is my refuge and my fortress my God in whom I trust” Psm.91;2 and ”You SHALL NOT BE AFRAID of the terror by night….nor of pestilence that pursues in the darkness (isn’t this virus a terror in the night and a pestilence) vs;10 ”for He shall give His angels charge over you to guard you in ALL your ways.  They shall bear you up with their hands”…….. Doesn’t ALL your ways mean protection from the evil that lurks!

If I could be so bold as to offer you advice for your wellness folks I have a couple of suggestions on top of the practical steps, washing hands etc. 1) MEMORIZE Psm. 23 ”The Lord is my Shephard, I shall not want” Repeat it every time anxiety in the shape of fear comes against you 2) When you’re washing your hands RECITE the Lord’s Prayer ”Our Father who are’t in Heaven…. 

Standing AGAINST the Virus with those TWO scriptures ONLY and taking your medicine Psm.91 every day – this Virus is done.

I ask you today to make a commitment to STAND UP and CHOOSE LIFE folks.  God has placed life or death in the power of the tongue. Prov. 18:21  Watch the words you speak and speak only like Jesus said ; ‘I say only saywhat my Father says”.  Be like Jesus.  Be a LIGHT in a DARK time.  My next blog will be about LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS.

Times like these underscore why I persevere and do what I do.  What good is all my wisdom and experience if I don’t share it.

Enlightened Grieving with supernatural intent.

  Never forget how important the spiritual side of the equation is.  God has the Power to change lives !!