Grief and the Holidays


A good analogy of the first Christmas is ‘’frozen’’. The inside feelings are like the

North country. Frozen and in limbo. The zest that you feel in the Spring of the year

when the flowers and leaves start to come alive is absent in the barrenness of

‘’frozen’’. Know that ‘’frozen’’ will pass and the ‘’thaw’’ will come and ‘’fresh life’’ will

appear. You are walking the Season of darkness at the moment but like ALL

seasons it will transcend into Spring and new life. For now your job is to do the

best you can to survive it better and not bitter. Think of nothing but what gives you

‘’peace’’. If it creates any kind of ‘’turmoil’’ the answer should be ‘’No – nada – not

going to happen’’. Allow yourself the permission to say ‘’No’’. It’s OK.

Don’t have the energy to buy gifts – don’t !! Or just cut your gift list down to bare

bones. I did that and wow that was a total relief of stress. I bought for my two

sons – that’s it – that’s all. It was a beginning of new traditions. Cutting down the

gift list was a start – Huge – and one I continue to this day BUT now I have three of

the most marvelous, perfect grandchildren (chuckle chuckle) I want to buy them

whatever they want. What a Blessing. Love is the key to the Season and ALL

Seasons – so just love – starting with YOURSELF my friend.

Enlightened Grieving with Supernatural intent

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