Grief Coaching


Certified Grief Counsellor & Coach

In the beginning – No words, only pain, shock, tears and a deep empty void in your heart.  Tears speak constantly to the pain your heart feels.  This pain is all consuming; physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.   Searching for a reason to go on helps when you have someone walking beside you who has experienced those depths of despair.   “Why” is a constant companion.  We are living in a world so desperate for healing. My purpose has become to help those grieving to find their purpose for being.  The cornerstone of my coaching is finding peace.  I am honest, open, kind, caring and compassionate.  The grieving people I have helped over the years all say; ‘’you gave me hope when I needed it most’’.  I’m here for you.  Take a positive step in a negative time.  Allow me to help you!!

My Mission is to be God’s instrument in this hurting world.  Divine support is a major part of the healing process.

What Is Grief Coaching?

Nobody is born knowing how to grieve the loss of a child. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare and unthinkable to even ponder.

It happened to me 25 years ago with the sudden death of my daughter in a car accident. My grief journey has put me in the unenviable position of being able to help other’s.

I have walked the dark road that you’re now on. I feel deep sympathy for your loss and send healing vibrations from my heart to your’s.

I want you to know it is possible to survive better and not bitter. It’s a long journey and one you need not walk alone.

What Does A Grief Coach Do?

My desire as a grief coach is to offer you knowledge from my personal journey to help you cope with the shock of your loss, come to terms with your emotions, and find new inspiration and meaning in your life. I coach with God as an anchor to raise you up, give you peace and show you life in Heaven is a reality.

The loss of your child has changed you forever. Your life will never be the same. You will build a new life from the ashes and come out on the other side amazed by the God who carried you through. You will recognize the signs they’re sending you from Heaven and know they’re loving you from above. My job and my joy is helping to provide an enlightened, supporting voice at the time you need it the most.

Why Should You Use A Grief Coach?

Ultimately, you know that your loved one wouldn’t want you to stay stuck in a place of anger or sorrow forever over their loss. No one understands like someone who has survived a significant loss.  Experience and understanding the process to bring the grieving from darkness to light is a gift.  To heal the whole person all quadrants, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual need to be addressed.

‘When you are ready the teacher will appear.  That’s how the Universe works.  You are in charge.  Decide to take action to move from pain to peace. You have a right — and a responsibility — to use your grief to become a better person. A grief coach plants the tried and tested seeds to grow something beautiful from the ashes.You will rise again.

  1. We start with the pain.
  2. Renewing the mind
  3. What do you choose?
  4. Your responsibility

What Is Enlightened Grieving?

Loss is an opportunity to rise up and gain knowledge plus depth of understanding about your God given purpose in this life. To develop wisdom from experience impacts the world.