Happiness – is it possible?

Joy lives

When you’re grieving it is still possible to laugh. ”Laughter is the best medicine” is a truth. It creates those happy endorphins in the brain and lifts the burden of heaviness off your shoulders.

Happiness is a choice. I’m not saying you’re happy about your loss – that’s ridiculous – altho when you’ve watched someone suffer a lengthy death you feel relief for them and for you. You are sad. You can still find things you are happy about. ”Happy you knew them”. ”Happy they lived”.

You can be happy you woke up this morning and you have the opportunity to love and bring kindness into the world thereby feeling fulfilled and loving yourself. You can be happy you aren’t alone. That fact that you have family and friends, people around you who care, who love you, are willing to support and listen to you while you grieve is a huge reason for happiness.

warm comfortable love

Happiness begins with gratitude. It’s the power of gratitude that allows the happiness to seep through the pain and anguish of grief.

Grieving 24 hours is NOT healthy. It will make you sick physically, mentally, and spiritually. You will hurt for sure but it takes discipline to take the action required to insert some joy into your day. Joy starts with gratitude. Start with the simple things…..you woke up this morning….you slept in a warm snug bed….you had hot water to shower…..your mouth felt so much better after you brushed your teeth….it’s a new day to grow and create your world moment by moment.

You have the opportunity to bless others and make a positive difference in your day and their’s. Your pain eases when you look away from yourself and look at where you can plant a seed of goodness That should give you a reason to smile. Put on your happy face (fake it til you make it). What a positive difference that will make to your day and your life over tie.

Laugh when you see something funny. There are ”laughing” classes. Simpler yet – watch a funny movie. We need to laugh to be happy and fill our body with wellness . It’s OK to laugh at yourself – what a load off. Laugh at the antics of your pet, your children, grandchildren, just people in general are a funny lot. That is the easiest way to create joy within. Slow down enough to laugh and you will find joy – even if it’s only a millisecond – it’s a start !!

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