I am the rooster

I am the rooster who crows in the morning

The rooster is happy, loud, excited to begin a new day, looking up to the sky proclaiming

  1. I am Alive
  2. This is the day the Lord has made –
  3. I am Rejoicing
  4. I will be Glad in it

In your mind’s eye can’t you just see him as he strutts across the barnyard examine all that exists.

He pecks a bug here, pecks a worm there – and Oh the feeder is full of good seeds for his strength to restore for a busy and glorious day.

A day of life to enjoy to the fullest – A non-renewable resource. He is doing what roosters do – being a boss over his dominion – enjoying being able to strutt his magnificence. No ego here – just life – aliveness.

In grief we have to work to get to the place where the rooster is. Today as you wake to your life – a non renewable resource – scan your domain – and crow ” For this is the day the Lord has made let me be Glad and Rejoice in it”.

Not easy to do – BUT you need not do it alone. The God of the Universe has put resources out there – of which I am one – to help you walk your grief journey. I promise I will be God’s instrument of goodness as you grieve.

Enlightened Grieving with supernatural intent