In the beginning….

In the beginning……..

In the beginning ….No Words – Only pain, tears and a deep empty void which your loved once filled .  When my daughter died our home was totally empty of her energy and vibrance.  Her absence physically left an empty shell which once had been a home full of her vast zest for life.  Yes in the spiritual realm I could feel her presence.

In the beginning….. tears speak constantly of the pain your heart feels – a pain that totally consumes you and takes you over. It’s OK – your job now is to cry. Release every drop knowing for as long as it takes it’s OK

In the beginning….breathing is your job. Nothing needs to be forced. You don’t need to be brave. You don’t need to be strong for everyone else. You need God’s love and support. His hand will hold you up and give you inner strength you had no idea you possessed.

This says it all;

” I would have lost heart unless I had believed the I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” Psm.27:13

God sends support through people he puts in your life every day. Lean – it’s OK – just allow yourself to be loved, cared for and supported.

God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Angels surround you – hold you – love you – comfort you – and protect you. They are responsible for you!! The Holy Spirit will whisper to you words of comfort and enlightenment. Listen and let them do the work they’re designed to do – carry you .

In the beginning…….it’s all about surviving your loss. See my e-book ”Surviving your loss”. I wrote it years after the death of my daughter and on reviewing it all these years later I’m so glad I wrote it because it truly is a gift for anyone grieving. Download your digital copy and have it NOW. www: enlightened You’ll find it on the homepage under ”services”.