Is that you ??


Awareness – Connection to the Universe are life savers while grieving. It’s in the silence we hear, see and understand.

Having lost to death many of my loved ones, the most significant being the sudden death of my daughter, I have learned to recognize and feel blessed by the signs that come to comfort me.

Knowing life is happening in a dimension beyond my physical vision was my first step. I researched, studied and prayed endlessly in an effort to develop an understanding of the ”spirit” and the universe beyond my natural sight. It took me some time to get over and around the ”doubt” that would try to rob me of the job of togetherness and the bliss that always comes with the encounters.

There are thousands of documented cases of near death experiences….meaning those people who had died, went to heaven and came back to life. These are now widely available in books and movies. These people came back from near death in order to tell their story to offer hope to the rest of humanity. That Heaven is real and life is happening there alters the searing pain in the heart and mind of those grieving. For me it was a game changer. I opened my eyes and my heart to a whole new level of perception of living and dying. I ate up any literature that came across my path in order to make sense of life and death. It didn’t take away the bottom line ”that she was no longer with me physically” but the hope it offered that she would be there when it was time for us to ”meet again” shifted the pain.

Heaven is real and delivers messages to those hurting on earth. God is a God of love and wants his people to find him so they can have peace and hope.

Early after the loss of my daughter I would get signs. Her stereo would come on by itself. The piano would be playing in the middle of the night. It was a manual piano. The phone rang one nite and she was on the other end calling me from Heaven. I received this call in an altered state of reality for sure – but the peace and joy it brought me were physical feelings that lasted.

Knowing that the God who created Heaven and Earth and all things in it hears your cry for help, that he will rescue you becomes vital. In the educating and understanding of God’s ways and his massive Universe these happenings which have you holding your breath and asking ‘‘Is that you?” can become a normal occurrence. What peace that floods the soul when you’re tuned in, aware and accepting of the signs that are coming just for you.

Why do the signs appear? The signs are the way your loved one can keep your loving relationship alive. The signs come to give you peace and open your heart and mind to the reality that there is life beyond the veil. God is good. He loves us, his children. He calls us ”His dearly beloved”. As a parent you want to love and protect your children. His love far surpasses ours. Our responsibility becomes to welcome the signs that are coming just for us – cry, wipe away the tears and smile and say THANK YOU !! It’s an overwhelming gift. It is ”you” !!

Delve deeper into your healing.

Move into the mind of the Spirit and Heal.