It’s OK to be angry


Many people who are Believer’s when their child dies get angry at God.

It’s OK – 

You are hurt and expected that God would save your child.    You felt sheltered by your faith.

With your loss you feel God turned his back on you and allowed this death to happen.  Why did he allow it to happen ?

  You’ve been a good person but yet this bad thing happened to you.

You’re not alone in feeling that anger – and it’s OK.  It’s misdirected anger but that’s just fine – No-one understands your pain and your anger more than your heavenly Father.

Remember when Adam and Eve were enticed to eat of the forbidden fruit in the Garden that act of disobedience brought death into being.  There was no death before that act.  Satan the most beautiful Angel of them all was the reason for death and he was cast down into our earthly realm.  If you have to be angry that’s where your anger needs to be directed.  This imperfect world that we live in is under his influence and death happens because of that.

Remember tho God’s promise wasn’t that he’d spare us trauma – he said ‘’I’ll be with you in trouble’’.  

My experience of the loss of my daughter was different.  I wasn’t a Believer.  I wasn’t angry at anyone but myself for many years.  It took many many years before I could say the word God and to this day I’m somewhat defensive when it comes to organized religion.  I have a personal relationship with my Lord now and the Hope I offer you is NOT religious based – The Bible is God’s letter of support to help you navigate all the ups and downs of this life.

That you’re mad at God is quite fine – he can handle it and he will deliver you.

We all believe we are here for a reason – each and every one of us has a mission to accomplish before we leave this earth.  Could you wrap your head around the idea that your child chose you as their parent before they were born in this life, on this planet? 

Could you wrap your head around the idea that possibly – just possibly – this was a prearranged event between you and your child to grow you into the person you need to be to accomplish your mission on earth?

If you can’t fathom that notion – that’s OK – but think it’s a possibility.  You know it’s always a surprise to find out things aren’t as they seem or work out as we planned.  Expand your awareness – think outside the box of what you know – grow – color outside the lines.

Believe whatever the plan  – you can do this as hard as it is – you’re not alone – and one day you will circle together again – if you don’t believe that – why don’t you??  You chose what you believe !!  Yeah that’s right…….Choose what eases the pain – not what increases it.  Choose what helps not what hinders your growth.

Write or talk all your anger out – get rid of it – it’ll kill you if you don’t.  Anger is a catalyst to move you forward.  Choose to become better not bitter.  Give it all to God.  He wants you to deposit your whole burden on him.  Just do it – and don’t you dare feel guilty.   Your own Father would bless you with his love and understanding.  Do you think your heavenly Father would do less ???

Join me…….one on one sessions or in a class setting.  I’m offering my support to Coach you through this difficult journey.  You are NOT alone my friend.

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