Journal your way through

Experience Healing Every Day

I totally love to write – I love books – I love pens – I love pencils – I love paper – I love fancy journals – I love any media of self expression !!!

I’m hoping you WANT to HEAL and WILL do everything you can to make it happen !!!

Healing with pen and paper was HUGE in getting my feelings out !!

If you’re not naturally drawn to pen and paper (I can’t believe people aren’t – but that’s me). Take it slow – like say set your timer for 10 minutes !!! Start with writing anything !!

Me being a natural writer and a get-it-done type of personality (not good for my blood pressure) I dove right in and started with remembering things about my sweet girl who had been ripped so mercilessly out of my arms. I wrote about her ”smell” and how opening her closets with her clothes in it brought her back to me through ”smell”. I would walk into her closet and bring her clothes to my nose and cry and cry. Being with her scent brought her back to me each and every time.

When you trying to survive every memory is a blessing.

I call this her Oka BD cake. Native Standoff on the East Coast of Canada was called ”Oka”

You WILL find it hard – but remember it’s a way to heal – and healing isn’t for the faint at heart – You have to take the action !! The Universe only understands ACTION !! You are never alone.

If it’s easier – (I couldn’t do this) write to your loved one. It took me quite awhile to get to a personal letter to her. No matter. That’s not important. What is important is that you DO something – however small.

Writing helps you experience what you are feeling – you’ll be amazed. Hide your journal writing if it makes you feel safer. This is about YOU and YOUR feelings. No one else matters right now.

Once you start you’ll realize how much better you feel at the end . That’s a sign that you’re making a shift. Gently – no force required !! A steady loving of yourself through your pain.

THAT’S ALL for now – A seemingly small assignment that will benefit you beyond belief !!! I will go into journaling more extensively as we progress together.