Look at your ruler

Look at this ruler. Consider one inch represents 10 years of your life!! I’ve used a 12 inch ruler as an example hoping you all live to 120. I use 100 as my measurement and that being said I’m in the last 1/3 of my life. I don’t expect to live to be 100 so it’s really less than 1/3.

Find where you are on the ruler. Now look at how many years you have behind you and how many do you have ahead. When we look behind we know we’ve lived those years but when we look ahead we’re only assuming we’ll be here to the end of the ruler !! GUESS WHAT – most of us won’t be.

So that leaves it in our hands to chose what we’re going to do with the rest of the ruler that we have left. This was a wake up call for me !! WOW I’m almost at the end of my ruler. With that whack on the head I knew all this wisdom and knowledge I’ve gleaned over the past 24 years must be shared. I couldn’t in all good conscience just die without sharing and offering the choice of hope to the multitude out there suffering from loss.

The Holy Spirit had been nagging me for a few years (after I shut down my private practice) to get back on the ”helping” trail. I resisted til I couldn’t ignore his promptings any longer. I want to leave as much behind as I can with you and leave the responsibility on your shoulders to move it forward. The world changes one mind at a time.

Grief is meant to grow you – to raise your level of knowing about life beyond the veil. Unseen spiritual forces are working behind the scenes for your growth and betterment.

Grief teaches and enlightens us to go beyond what we already know and acquaint ourselves with infinity which is your tomorrow. Enlightenment blazes the trail to beyond what is your reality today and opens your eyes and understanding to a life maybe you in all likelihood never even fathomed.

Enlightenment changes your perspective and the life you can’t see becomes real. God has laid that assignment on my plate . He wants what I’ve learned through his guidance to be a help to you. To offer you hope has become the reason for my existence. Actions create a chain reaction that can impact generations. My mission in offering grief coaching is to create that chain reaction. Do you want to be part of that chain reaction? I’m sure you do. Let’s make it happen. I can have all this knowledge and wisdom and be an avenue of hope but if you don’t accept my invitation to coach you in whatsoever form you choose – all I do – all I’ve learned – is absolutely wasted. That can’t and won’t happen because with God everything is possible. His plan will not go unfulfilled. I invite you to be a part of that plan.

I am working on the production of two classes – one on Angels and one on our Energy Centres – Chakras. These presentations will be your’s to purchase and have forever – learn from them and implement the wisdom to up your level of knowledge and wisdom. I’ll let you know once they’re out of production and ready for distribution. Until they are produced I have room for some one-on-one sessions. Make an appointment today so you can create waves of goodness and growth for yourself and all those who circle around you. Remember everything you do affects the masses – growth affects everyone !! You choose !!

This is an exciting altho stressful time. I’m working hard to get hope into your hands before my ruler runs out. Help me do that !!! None of us are getting out of here alive and we have a duty and an obligation to become the very best person we can become to impact the generations coming behind us. God knows they need it.

We are living in a time of crisis. All the good chain reactions have never been needed as much as they are desperately needed today. We need hope like never before.