Look UP

It is impossible to look at the vast awesomeness of the sky at nite with the stars twinkling and the moon smiling down on you and not feel the wonder – the vastness of the Universe.

Looking up takes you out of the chaos and clammer of the world to a place of peace , calm and wonderment.

Oh to be a child again laying on your back and watching the clouds form and float magically across the sky changing patterns as we dream and imagine what the images are.  We are lost to the moment – how wonderful !!  Focusing on the clouds, being in the moment, removed all the clanging and banging in our mind.

Try it now as an adult – breathe in the wonder of it – the enormity that is beyond what we know.  The God who created you also created this Universe and has put it in place for you to enjoy.  Even through the pain of grief these moments rise you up and for a brief moment in time peace lives in you.  You get a break from the pain.  You smile and recognize the magnificence of creation.

Smile again as you know he created you and loves you and knew you in your Mother’s womb.*

Look UP and give yourself over to the God who knows you, loves you and wants to hear your thoughts.  He can handle whatever it is you’re feeling and thinking.  Don’t hold back.  He’s not burdened by anything you think or feel.  He’s been there – He created you – He knows you better than you know yourself.  He’s glad you’ve turned to the source of all strength and power.  Your sharing opens the door to him to enter your heart and mind and heal you.

* Psm.139;13 ‘’For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.

Psm. 145:18  ‘’The Lord is near to All who call on him’’.