Looking back

Joy in remembering

It’s in the looking back that we can see how far we’ve traveled.

In the grieving process it truly is in the looking back that we can see what we’ve endured.  We see the changes that we’ve made to begin a new life.  We see the changes that have been forced upon us because of the loss we’ve endured.  We can clearly see how our pain has changed.  We can see too those of our friends who had the strength and courage to remain steadfast and loyal despite the uncomfortableness of the sadness.

In the looking back we can see how strong we have grown in the process of this grief journey.  We can see we’ve had support physically, mentally and especially spiritually.  In the looking back we can see how our vision has changed with regard to what we see, what we expect and our beliefs.  In the looking back, hopefully we can begin to see a glimmer of hope that there is new life possibilities on the horizon.  A glimmer of hope in a dark time is all it takes to add courage and strength to endure for another season.

In the looking back we can see how the journey through grief has been unexpected, unexplained and much like a runaway train.  In the looking back we can see what has given us a semblance of normalacy and acted as an anchor to keep us keepin on.

In the looking back I am hopeful that you have felt the spiritual presence of a creator that loves and holds you close while you’re in the deepest throes of your anguish.

At this time of year with Christmas approaching the hope and promise that Jesus’ life and death was meant to offer the world hopefully is alive in your heart.  It’s a tough time to be sure.  With the promise of heaven and meeting our love one’s again in a realm beyond our natural existence, strength and comfort can be the result that helps us navigate yet another season.  These family festivities will come and go as long as we are alive on this planet.  Every year the feelings will change !  We can grow every year.  It’s an option !

This morning in my prayer time the scripture that offered me comfort was Psm. 3 vs. 3 & 4 ”But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, my glory and the One who raises up my head.  4.  I cried to the Lord with my voice and He answered me….”

Peace can come readily when we ASK……….BELIEVE…………..and RECEIVE……..

Grief Coaching is what I am here to offer you…….by donation for a limited number and for a limited time !  ASK……