Looking Back

Journal – so you can look back and see how far you’ve come. I take my own advice you know – so this morning I was rereading some of my journal entries from a year and a half ago and find now a need to share them. My purpose is to shine a light on what can help you if you so choose. You must engage in your own healing.

Healing is never ending – it happens everyday for the rest of your life. Choose what works !!!!

If you’re a Christian and have a faith base you must dig deeper into what you know and believe. ‘When you’re reading scripture remember it’s not just ”word’s”but rather it’s God talking to you in order to help you ”rise up” and ”be healed”. The reason Jesus died was for YOU and YOUR salvation. Accept that – believe it and Thank God daily for it. With ”Him” everything is possible. Without him you’ll struggle and life will hold no purpose. In order to make a difference on this planet you have to be the difference. You can only accomplish that with wisdom and action.

My purpose on this planet has become to shine a light on those who journey behind me. My daughter’s death was the catalyst God used to make me an instrument of ”hope” and ”healing”. What I teach is what I also have to learn – ”healing is forever”. We have so many layers to expose and heal. It’s definitely a work in progress.

To use God’s word for encouragement I have to ”get myself out of the way” and believe ”God’s word” in every circumstance. I have to listen and allow him to do the work. My job is just to present the ”hope”. The griever’s work becomes to accept it, become enlightened and grow through it. I offer ‘hope” and ”healing” through grief coaching, but the ultimate work has to be done between the griever and God himself. I offer the ”wisdom” he has given me to everyone I meet.

So many deaths – so many hurting – it’s a major mission and without God I wouldn’t have the courage or ability to do it. He’s got the power but we must tap into it in order to receive it. The Universe respects action on my part and on your’s. I’ve made it a practice to sit in prayer and scripture every morning. I seek out resources that help me help you. Without my steadfast devotion to helping you it isn’t going to happen. I take action – trusting the Holy Spirit to put the resources in my face to teach me what I need to know to grow and in turn help you grow. It makes me a better person and a successful grief coach. I listen to hear his instruction.

I WRITE daily in my journal. It’s in the looking back that you and I can see how far we’ve traveled. If you want to be in a better place next year – today is the day you have to start educating on how to do that. You have to speak words that are positive and not negative. I quote scripture, ie. ”With God all things are possible”, ”Jesus is my Saviour and on him I put my trust”, He commands his Angels concerning me to protect me in all my ways ”, “I am a Mighty Conquerer”,” I will rise above,” I know God has a plan for my life and a purpose, to give me a hope and a future’, He will be with me in trouble”, ”There is a time and a place for everything under the sun”. On and on it goes BUT it can’t go on and on unless you push yourself to read and study his love letter to you – The Bible”. If you don’t have one – GET ONE – get a modern day translation so you can understand without all the ”thous” etc.

Believe more and more ”I am a child of God, He sees me as perfect, I am growing, I am desiring to grow, I am OK, God meets me where I am, I look to God for the comfort he promises”. It’s impossible for God to lie and his word accomplishes that for which he sent it.

REFUSE to live in darkness !! Your grief journey is never going to end but while you’re in the midst of it you can change it and yourself. It’s possible. He promises ; ”with me all things are possible”. He has chosen ME to rise up out of the ashes in order to be his helper here on Earth. If you would like ”grief coaching” we can work together with the intent of growing, healing and blessing the world through our enlightenment !!

If you are reading this article and you don’t have Jesus in your life I would suggest you do it like right now !! It is simple – just open up your heart and ask Jesus to come inside and help you to heal and find meaning in your life. You do this and I promise you your life will change immediately from the inside out !! He is the way and the truth and the life. Let him in my friend. I will be his instrument in your life if you choose it.