Love becomes NEW


When we understand that God understands and feels our pain over the death of our child we come to an awareness of his compassions.

Did he not lose to a horrific death his own son.

Do you not think his heart broke to have to allow his son to suffer and die.

Think about it….

Who better to comfort, consol, guide us than someone who has been there themselves.

He advises us to KNOW love because his son laid down his life for us.*

….Love is an action word and shown by word and deed.

WOW – now that was some kind of love in action to willingly chose to come to earth as a man knowing his mission was to suffer and die.

WOW – sure he knew God could resurrect him but he had no way of knowing he’d succeed in his mission.  Yikes – Big Risk for Love.

You are a Child of God my friends – little children he calls us –

He says you are a Mighty Congueror – he cannot lie – and he knows you cause he created you as a Magnificant creation.

I know when my daughter left me behind to live on this planet without her my love for her was HUGE – I loved her in life but with her death all the diversions of this life were cast aside and I knew love at a higher level.

Let your loss grow you my friend……..

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