My daughter, Tiffany Dayna Nadeau

The death of a child changes us.  An extrovert suddenly becomes an introvert.  An introvert becomes extroverted.

I was an extrovert at the death of my daughter.  Strong willed, determined, decisive, outgoing, community involved, proud of my own abilities.

I am a witness that the death of a child changes who you are forever.

Heavily involved with the local hockey association – First woman President of the Association, I struggled to go to the games my son played in.  I forced myself to perform my Presidential duties but declined to serve another term.

To make a decision about anything was huge.

My confidence was shaken and I didn’t want to make a mistake so I avoided..withdrew….

Emotions were raw and I didn’t have energy left to deal with life beyond my own pain.

Broken hearted means broken in soul and spirit – I was unable to comprehend moving forward without her in my life – a contrast from living with a head strong teenager who I wondered  if I could tolerate one more minute at times.

Staying sane becomes an act of will.  It becomes a desire to create a positive from a negative.  I had to look beyond my own pain to making her life and death have meaning.  I wanted her life and death to matter  – to make a difference.

Thus began the work on the inner self…Who – What – would you like to become to honour the memory of your child.  Think about that !!  

Change your focus .  Focus on meeting again and all you’ve got to share because your child lived and died.  You’re still here – your job isn’t finished yet.