Pray without Ceasing

Merge with the one who created you.

God’s command is to pray without ceasing and never do we need it more than when we’re in the pit of grief. It’s literally a ”hell hole”.

I would have lost heart had I not believed that I would see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living. Psm.27.13

This was totally how I felt – without hope you’re lost – adrift in a sea of anguish. For me I needed help out of the hole. I’m no different than you are.

While we are still alive on this planet we have to deal with life’s tragedy’s. Get through them the best way we can . Easy to say – without God’s promise of hope we’re be lost and adrift. I didn’t find God truly until I was knocked to my knees by the death of my daughter. It’s through her death that he has become my ”rock” and my ”shelter”.

If you’ve asked Jesus into your heart you belong to Him – He is your brother. He came to give you a life and a hope. He bought your salvation with his blood. He promises ”I will restore health unto you” Jer.30:17 Our mental, physical and spiritual health are threatened when we suffer the pain of loss that death brings.

Let me help you on your journey. Join me One-on-One or in a Class setting.

Enlightened Grieving with Supernatural Intent