Healing the Broken Heart – Mental – ON SALE

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Focus is placed on the thoughts affecting the mind while grieving. Techniques to move through and past mental unrest are discussed in detail. Be assured mental wellness is possible.

One 30 minute session q & a included.



Your mind controls your life.  Your mind controls every aspect of your body, mind and spirit.  In this segment of Healing the Broken Heart – Mental segment learning ”mind control” techniques and awareness creates the ability to move through and past the anguish associated with grief.  Mental wellness is a reality and your responsibility.  The death lesson is the greatest teacher of ALL time – don’t waste the opportunity to become the best version of yourself possible.  Know you are in charge of your thoughts.   Take charge of your mind and see your life change for the better.  Learn to thrive through your mental wellness.  It’s more than just positive affirmations.  A formula is introduced to aid with the recognition of  triggers that are coming from your thoughts.  It’s a digging into the deep reaches of your life to find out where those thoughts are coming from and reprogramming the mind to think for health, healing and wellness.  You got this !!  Get started today.  There is no time to waste sitting is darkness.  Seek the light !


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