Healing the Broken Heart – Prologue


• In order to get the MOST out of this course you need to consider the following
• Get your paper and pencil out – the paper and pen connect with your heart and
get you out of your head. Your heart is where you want to be first.
• Ask yourself; What is my internal goal? What do I want this Course to teach me?
Am I willing to dig deep even if it hurts to find my answers?
• Am I willing to take responsibility for my growth and healing or are I blaming
others and see myself as a victim?
• What are the skills and talents I want to grow in order to help others? Go to the
time before your 10th birthday and remember what you enjoyed. Memories of
your childhood will help you find your answer.
• Am I open to growth and receiving all this course offers?



• THESE QUESTIONS ARE THE BEGINNING of the Creation of the new you and your
new normal.


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