Push the Light

God’s Words Heal

I always encourage people to ”watch their words” .  It’s something I’ve had to practice diligently before I was successful at it.  Because the Universe is neutral it will give you exactly what you say.  That’s the job of the Universe – To give you what you say.

I back this statement up by directing attention to Gen 1:1 – The beginning of the earth and all creation.  There was nothing before God opened His mouth.  Take note here – He didn’t say ”Holy Smokes it’s dark out there”.  No – He said ”Light Be” and Light was !

You should need no other scripture but this to alert you to pay attention to your words……..Another scripture in the Bible says ”Life and death are in the power of the tongue”.  WOW – That should reinforce just how important your words are.  Chose life and chose only words that come out of your mouth that raise you up – edify – encourage – uplift.

The main reason in my Grief Coaching I don’t focus on the dark side of grief  but rather on how to transcend the pain is peace is because that’s where you want to go – PEACE.  Who is their right mind wants to be stuck in the sadness and pain of grief.  Yes indeed, feelings have to be worked through – feelings can’t be stuffed – they have to be felt, acknowledged and let go in order to find peace.  Grief is a road everyone on the planet will have to walk sooner or later.  As I write this the world is shut down as the dreaded killer COVID19 ravages the planet.  Let not fear enter your mouth.  Take charge over your words.  Take charge over your mind and refuse to allow anything but positive words to flow from your lips.  ”I am protected by the Blood of Jesus”.  Take precautions in the physical for sure – it would be stupid not to BUT ultimately the God of the Universe is who has the total power.  Do you know what the Bible says.  God has 7000 promises in the Bible.  To speak them you have to know them.  Be like Jesus ”I only say what my Father says”.  He says; ”I will cover you with my feathers and under my wings you shall seek refuge; ”I will charge your Angels concerning you to keep you in all your ways”.  Psm.91 A great chapter to memorize.  Start there.  Dig deep into the Word of God and be like Jesus – a light to the world .  ”I only say what my Father says”.

Grief is a journey that starts in the darkness but leads ultimately to LIGHT .  PUSH THE LIGHT in your life by saying only things you want to happen.  The Universe is listening – The Universe does not judge – it’s designed to give you exactly what you say.  ”Light Be”……..PUSH THE LIGHT.