Recovery in grief is slow but progressive .

People always tell you ”you’ve got to just let go” – BUT in reality we have to develop an understanding of what ”letting go” means…….

We are afraid ”letting go” means to stop caring. It doesn’t. It means we must reframe our thoughts ”from death to life”. What we focus our attention on is what grows. Focus on LIFE.

Letting go means not to cut myself off from my family, friends and the outside world.

Letting go means learning from what’s happened to you. Overcoming gently with good resources, books, music, dvd, coaches. Knowledge is key !

Give up BLAME – for your own mental health. It’s key.

Letting go means caring about others, not in an effort to fix, but to support.

Letting go means allowing life to flow – not having to be in control. Your job is not to protect someone else. Love and allow life to be their work in progress.

Letting go means no regrets about the past (you can’t go back) but taking each day as it comes and ”cherish” the gift of it and yourself.

Enlightened Grieving with Supernatural Intent