Riding the Waves of Grief – Strategies to Keep from Drowning

Grief is a never ending journey but having been on my personal and professional journey for two decades I’m an expert in the field. It’s not a field I would have chosen for myself nor chosen as a career choice. Survival means taking healthy steps to feel alive. Helping other’s became my life line. In the helping of other’s I was able to heal myself one step at a time.

”If you are able to make a difference in one person’s life your life has been meaningful” – so true.

In the beginning it was a challenge to survive. As I forced myself to deal and educate about my grief I felt more ”in control” – which is what I wanted to be. I wanted the devastating pain to leave me. I wanted to get back to the life I had known prior to my daughter’s death. Not to be!! This is something I had to come to terms with. While searching for answers I came to realize I wasn’t the same person anymore so my life would never be what it once was. Thank God I recognized that and was able with great determination to study and move forward with my life.

Did I say it was easy – Not a chance !! It was ditch digging work but with time, meditation and constant attention to growth I’ve arrived as a person I’m proud of today. I walk in God’s renewed blessings daily because I walk upright before Him.

My goal became and still is to help others navigate the debilitating pain associated with loss. God never intended the people he loves to suffer such agony. It’s through the power and promises His word provided me that ”light” started to came back into my body, mind and soul.

I’ve written two books – one ”Get a Life” 8 years after my daughter’s death and recently my latest entitled ”Riding the Waves of Grief – Strategies to keep from Drowning” has been released and is helping the multitudes in our world who need hope and healing. These books are super resources for anyone suffering loss – and losses come in many different ways.

These books are available at Amazon.ca and Amazon.com. If you are not an Amazon shopper contact me via Messenger and I’ll make sure you get a book/s into your hands.

God Bless you with strength and courage on your journey.