Row Row Row your Boat GENTLY down the stream.

One of my favourite old songs to sing when I need to consider what is going on in my life. I get times, like everybody on this planet, of turmoil and anxiety.

Then I remember – ROW your boat ??? HOW – Gently – IN WHAT DIRECTION – down the stream. Not a rush paddle job fighting the current but rather a gentle pace flowing with the stream of life. It takes focus, determination and mostly prayer.

It’s in the Prayer ”With you all things are possible” that the current becomes gentle as I stop fighting the direction and the emotions that tend to come and try and take me over. I know God has a plan for my life so in the surrendering to the gentle stream with my boat I fight and win the battle of faith.

In consistency lies the power…….ROW ROW ROW your boat GENTLY down the stream……then what ?? MERRILY, MERRILY, MERRILY, life is but a dream – Now isn’t that the truth. In this life the reality becomes what our mind says our ”dream” is.

DREAM of peace and calm. God will answer your sincere prayer and ”never leave you or forsake you”.

Enlightened Grieving with Divine Intent.

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