Signs and Wonders

Remember as a child laying on your back on a warm summer afternoon and just watching the clouds as they floated by changing formations. Sometimes there were images of animals . Sometimes Angels.

Signs and wonders are real !! When you ask God into your broken heart, your broken life, you will be amazed what signs and wonders will show up out of the blue. It’s so amazing !! As many times as it’s happened to me, each and every time I smile, look up and say ”Well – Thank you God”. It brings joy each and every time !!

I am positive books follow me around until I pay attention and say ”Humm must be something in that book I need to know.” Sure enough there usually is !!

You’ll see and receive signs and wonders when you open yourself up to them. When they show up – believe them. Doubt was the hurdle I had to jump when signs and wonders showed up in my life. I was a hard sell. Took me a long time before I let go and said ”Ok – I’ll just enjoy them and doubt no more”. WOW that was uplifting and a small but impacting decision in my growth through grief.

It could be a song on the radio – and you get that inner knowing – that’s for me. Tears will come with the joy it brings. You know you’re loved and being cared for and about.

This is part of enlightenment. Enjoy it – look for it – Thank God for it and best of all, EXPECT signs and wonders. The joy that it brings helps you survive.

Signs and wonders are proof there is a Universe that lives beyond our sight ! Give yourself the gift God is offering. Believe, Receive and say Thanks right out loud.

Enlightened Grieving with Supernatural Intent