Surviving with Goodness

We travel this path called life in our own unique way. Our personality, our character, our upbringing, our genes, our life experiences all end up molding us into the person we become.

Fortunately or unfortunately, every experience brings with it choices. What shall we do here? What shall I do there? Only we decide.Decisions are based on our knowledge and the wisdom our experiences have hopefully taught us up to this point. Our limited knowing is expanded by how we grow through advertisty.

Life begins at conception, or prior to conception in truth. We are all eternal beings. The person we are, the life we live exposes us to trauma which is uncomfortable but can be the catalyst that turns us inside out – and hopefully we come out better not bitter. Loneliness yearning, empty arms, a broken heart, numbness, shock and then reality puts us on our knees. When we have no where else to turn we look up and beg for mercy. It’s sad that it takes trauma – a gut blow – a devasting shock – to get our attenton – then we realize what is really important.

Loss through death is the hardest blow of all. It’s final and often times there is no much left unsaid. Regrets, guilt and complex emotions come in to play. As Dr.Phil would say; ”Get real” with yourself and discover the reason God has placed you on this earth at this time. What can you learn as you heal from your loss? Heal you must BUT I guarantee you won’t unless you take positive action.

My question for you is what action will you take today to put you on the path to healing? What choices will help you heal? Wishing won’t make it happen. The pain will continue whether you sit and cry or stand up for your God given right to a full and healed life. The only difference is– choosing to stand up and take action will bring growth through your pain and with your growth –peace will come!

My latest book has just been released. It offers proven strategies to help you choose positive steps to heal you body, soul and spirit. It’s an easy read and will bless you with hope, comfort and proven steps to move you forward.