Enlightenment moves your conscious level to a higher level and as enlightenment goes up so does your vibrations so your response to the events in your life become different . 

They become different because you are coming from a different space – a different mindset.

No more true is this for us survivors who are grieving the death of someone close to us.

In my case my enlightenment happened through the nightmare of the death of my daughter and the roller coaster ride to find a place for the new me in a new life beyond anything I could imagine was possible.

Grief creates a dense brain fog and through the fog we breath, we walk, we talk, we function as best we can.  The world is going on around you but you’re nowhere to be found.  You involve yourself but in reality you’re not present.  The fog is so thick and heavy you feel at times as tho you are crazy.  You’re sure not the normal you once were.  You have lost your bearings in an ocean of agony.

The only way out is through the storm and all the ravages and damages that the waves bring with it.  It comes and batters you and leaves – it returns when you least expect it.

You feel alone and isolated.  You don’t want to burden anyone with your pain but the pain is intense both physically and mentally.   Sharing helps release it.  I focused on keeping the pain at bay as beat as I could thinking (wrongly of course) that if I let the pain in it would kill me – I’d dissolve into a mess and never be able to regain control.

Our brain tells us ‘’fight the pain’’ – because our brain is wired for ‘’pleasure’’.  I worked on diversions of many kinds – and diversion can be a tool for survival but it can become a habit and if it becomes a habit you’ll be putting yourself on a treadmill going absolutely nowhere – busy spinning your wheels – wearing out your body and exhaustion will happen and that can lead to worse things for your body and mind.

Diversions can be healthy if they are a healthy diversion.

I totally took to the gym and took to the halls of learning – Thank God these diversions weren’t destructive and helped carry me through until I was strong enough mentally to face reality – reality only in small increments.

Enlightenment tells us it’s in the acceptance (not saying it’s OK) but accepting the pain for exactly what it is the pain eases and leaves til the next time and over time and hard work becomes minimal.

Grieving is not a journey for the weak.  If you are weak in the beginning – and that is normal – with hardwork and growth you’ll come out of the grief journey a Mighty Warrior and that my friends is what you need to become one step at a time.

Enlightenment shows us grief – isn’t the enemy – it’s just a natural part of living on this planet and it can be worked through and managed.

Join me as I share with you the actions you can take to help you on your journey.

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