"In 1997 when our daughter and sister was killed suddenly in a car accident your emotional support and open discussion helped us. You were the key to the commencement of our healing."


"Congratulations for all you have achieved. Keep up the good work."


"You were an incredible help."


"I often think of you and thank you for being one of the high points in a very low point in my life.


"Very gracious, forthcoming and positive. You are a credit to God."



I just finished listening to your wonderful CD.

I cried a lot. I had hid my feelings and you encouraged me to access what to keep and what I’ve learned. I am working on changing my opinion about my mother’s grief. This CD has the power to help anyone. It’s so encouraging and powerful.

Anna Maria - CD - ‘’Surviving your Loss’’

I find your work polite, cheerful and enthusiastic. Your determination and self sacrifice is evident in your work.


I really enjoyed our time together today! Inspirational. What a great day.


As hard as it’s been, working with you has been a pleasure. I have grown in confidence. I really experienced your compassion and deep understanding. You have a natural ability with all people. Your sharing of resources and counselling support in your unique way helped.


“I’m stronger because of you.”

The days when I felt as though I was completely off-balance your words kept coming back to me. From the beginning you knew what to say.

I’m stronger because of you.

You are a wonderful, patient listener. 

When I go on and on about my problems and dump my load you are so kind and caring. 

I listen to your CD’s and read your book regularly and every time I am inspired.  I have shared them with others and they too have found some healing and peace.


Your daughter is proud of you and all you do to help others.  You are an\ Angel.


You gave such a moving speech and without notes.


With your personal touch you gave me a reason to smile.


Good delivery.  Effective language.


Baring your soul helped me to identify with my own.  Thank You