The Miracle in the Messages

Miracles are all around us !! They come when you least expect them BUT you must expect them and be open to them.

Miracle messages come in a multitude of ways – sight, sound and senses being the instruments of delivery. Awareness is key.

It can be a song on your device, on the radio, or as in my case it was the piano playing in the stillness of the nite. My daughter played the piano and I would find myself waking up to the sound of the piano playing. In the fog of deep sleep I discounted it as a figment of my imagination. However, miracle of miracles, one nite my husband awoke to the sound of the piano playing and he actually woke up enough to sit up and listen. His first miracle !! When he told me the story of his miracle he said, ”I wanted to get up and see if the piano keys were moving but I didn’t want it to stop.”

Still that memory brings tears to my eyes. A miracle shared. With each miracle comes the assurance that life continues on a plane of existence beyond what we can see.

Nature itself is a miracle manifest each time we see the awesomeness and beauty of the majesty of the creation of it all.

Grandchildren and pets are miracles and the love they share so unconditionally so healing. I know the birth of my first grandchild, my only grandson, brought such bubbling joy and healing for my heart. I’ve been blessed with two more – both girls – and this Gramma’s heart is flooded with the miracle of warm love every time I think of them or am in their presence. My life took on a whole new meaning with their births. God has blessed me by the miracle of their births.

The miracle of beauty! How flowers are so alive and announce each and every Spring hope renewed. The butterfly and how it transforms from a cocoon to breathtaking beauty. Transformation is a miracle. With trauma through loss transformation happens and it’s through the miracles we accept and are thankful for we are able to grow out of the misery into a new perspective on life.

Books, pencil and paper are miracles. Aren’t we grateful we have them so abundantly at our disposal. Don’t take them for granted. Use them to heal and receive your miracle. Start a Gratitude journal and make it a mission every nite when you go to bed to write down 5 things that happened during the day that you’re grateful you. It will help you receive the miracle of a good nite’s rest.

Angels are a miracle and are at work in your life every minute of every day. They can’t do the work for which God has sent them until such time as you ask them for help. In my innocence and lack of knowledge at the time my daughter died I had read ; ”Open a window so your Angels can come in ”. I took this literally and began leaving a window open in my bedroom at nite. I didn’t know then the advice was meant for me to allow the Angels into my conscious awareness.” God says ”I command my Angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. They will lift you up with their hands lest you dash your foot upon a stone.” ASK and RECEIVE your MIRACLE. You can only receive miracles from God by being ”His”. To become ”His” you must know his requirements and live life as he directs. It means living your best life and casting aside those ”dark” thoughts and deeds that bring you less than your best life.

The Biggest Miracle of ALL is the life and death of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. For healing He is the answer. ASK him into your heart and begin the journey to healing. I know I wasted so many years in the depth of despair by not getting to know my brother, Jesus, and what his salvation bought me. Freedom from pain and access to the saving grace of heaven. HOPE is a Miracle. Receive it today.

You can’t access your miracles without knowledge. From knowledge comes wisdom. From wisdom comes discretion and guidance on how and what direction to take in your life. Grief is devastating but getting to know God through his love letter to you – the Bible – you gain knowledge about your hope and your right to a joy filled life. One of my most favorite and abiding words from God comes in Psalms 23 ”The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want, He makes me to lie down in green pastures, and leads me beside the still waters”………….That means ALL your wants are met – you want peace and joy don’t you – you want to believe good can come from your loss don’t you – you want to know you have a good purpose for still living here on earth don’t you ”???? I know your answer to all the above is YES and AMEN. I stand with you on your wants – Jesus died so you could have your wants met. He offers you peace by your lying down in green pastures and I can feel the stillness of the quiet waters. Nothing like resting beside a body of water to restore your wellness and belief there is something greater going on than what you see !! This means God is the living water and through him you will find rest for your ravaged soul and spirit.

Awareness is key !!!! You don’t use your carnal mind (flesh rational mind) but rather your spiritual mind. Solomon asked for wisdom and understanding when he prayed. He became known for his wisdom. Wisdom is not a matter of head – it’s a matter of heart – and when you have a personal relationship with God and fellowship with him everyday by reading the Bible, listening to good spiritual food, gospel music, praying and meditating on his words – through the knowledge of him your wisdom grows.

Cast doubt aside – open your heart and your mind to receive. Get God fed and speak his word over your life and you will find peace and understanding renewed daily.

God has a plan for your life – He and all his Angels are working behind the scenes to guide you to your reason for still being here on this planet. You have a role to play in saving yourself and other’s. You have a destiny. Rise up and fight for your life. God has a plan only you can accomplish.

I would never have thought the death of my daughter could have brought me where I am today. With Him ALL things are possible. I offer Grief Coaching services in order to help you arrive at the destiny God has planned for you. THINK and PRAY on your END GAME. What does your heart want to accomplish??? What will your legacy be ?? I can help you arrive one step at a time. My mission is to help you attain hope and happiness.

Enlightened Grieving with supernatural intent !!