The Pit of Despair

Broken Hearted

Horrible, Deep, Dark, Dismal Pain, Lost, Alone, Forlorn, Crushed, Devastated, Lonely. A nightmare !!!!

These words and more describe the depth of despair one feels when grieving loss.


I’m warning you – You will stay there a long time until

  1. You decide
  2. You revolt
  3. You say ”No More”

Those feelings will come and go for a very long time – but with your taking action they come less often and don’t stay as long !!!! You’re in charge – you decide how long and how deep into the pit you fall.

ITS NOT EASY – IT’S NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART – BUT IT IS DO ABLE – with God ”All” things are possible.

The Bible says ”He gives power to the faint and to those who have no might he increases strength. Isa. 40:29

Always he puts people in your path to help you – I’m here – I’ve lived through it. I know I can help you reach beyond where you are !!

Enlightened Grieving with supernatural intent