The three G’s

Grace, Glory and Gratitude

Grace, Glory and Gratitude are three of the most VITAL ingredients you have to have in your grief arsenal.


But, with that said – you have to know it’s DO ABLE………It comes with consistency, perseverance, GUTS and determination.

It comes with the KNOWING that;

  1. God’s promises are for real
  2. God CANNOT lie
  3. God has the power to perform his promises

It comes with the KNOWING that;

  1. Not just that he Can but he WILL
  2. He wants ABOVE ALL THINGS for you to prosper as your soul prospers.
  3. He wants you to have a future and a hope.

To accomplish these promises it requires

  1. Your willingness to cooperate with his plan
  2. Strong Mental Health

Grief robs you of your power and strength and WILL if you allow it rob you of your mental health, spiritual health, physical health and your will to go on !!

You must force yourself to take action – With God’s help ALL things are possible. You are still here – you don’t have the power to go back and change what’s happened. You don’t have ”resurrection” power (yet).

PRESS ON like the Mighty Warrior God says you are!! I’ve been there I can help you if you choose to allow me to !!

Enlightened Grieving with supernatural intent.