Encouragement to move on after loss

Hello everyone.  It’s a joy to be back amongst the land of the living.  I’ve had some health issues – NO thankfully not COVID related – and now ready to get back to what I do best ”encourage”.

I humbly share the proposed cover for my NEW Book – it’s a production of love and light.  It has caused me to review my grief journey in order to share with the reader what worked and tips on moving on.  Moving on happens whether you want it to or not.  Grief is not for the faint at heart.  I know the journey.  It’s painful, it’s hard but the choice becomes yours as to how you want the rest of your life to be.  Do you want to stay where you are in the pit of hell or do you want to rise above the crap and flourish.

In my book I share stores from my personal experience and become a living example that life after loss is indeed possible.  

My recent health experience turned on the light for me yet again.  Isn’t it easy to become complacent when all is flowing well in your life.  As if COVID lockdown wasn’t challenging enough add sickness on top of that.  I’m grateful beyond measure it was fixable – painful yes – not life threatening but life altering.  Isn’t that the joy of experiencing these attacks on our life.  Growth and Gratitude. Two of the best defencemen in the world.  I’m a hockey fan so ”defencemen” are vital to a good game.

Life is not a game, but serious business.  None of us are getting off this planet alive so it becomes our job to help where we can.  I always thank my God for loving me, being patient with me and bringing me to where I need to be for His purpose in my life.  This bout with sickness woke me up to get this Book written.  If you’ve read any of  my work – you know I believe in SIGNS.  This Book is written because I was awake and aware of the SIGN God sent me.  I have the awesome blessing of being supported over the years by an older lady in the Church I attend.  She is so sweet, genuine and kind.  She loves the Lord with her whole heart.  She’s an inspiration to me.  When I grow up I want to be just like her.  She said to me one day after Church; ”Sharon the first Book you wrote 8 years after my daughter was killed entitled ”Get a Life” is the BEST book I’ve ever read ….available on this website under products ..(such flattery – I love it).  She went on to say ”you need to write a book from where you are now.  I’m not getting any younger so you better get busy.”  That lite the fire within me that had been flickering for a while.  

Here I’m offering you a glimpse of the yet unfinished cover in order that I am accountable to get the job finished.  I am almost there!  It has been a challenge not in the writing but in all the technology required to produce professionally.  I’m on it!  With God all things are possible.  When I get stuck and feel the anxiety and the tears I remember the best gift I possess.  The Gift of the Holy Spirit.  I talk to Him right out loud and say ”OK not in my strength but in your’s……you gotta show me how.”  Never have I been disappointed.  The answer comes almost immediately.  If not immediately then in my sleep or on awakening.  I am so blessed.  The good thing about my blessings is I’m able to share and make a difference for the people God intends my message to help and encourage.

God is good each and every day.  He has never left me alone and adrift.  Blessings abound.  I hope you message me so I can put your name on the preorder list.  I expect completion early in the New Year.  What a way to start 2022 blessings others.  In my next BLOG I will share an excerpt to tweak your interest.  Til next time – keep shining your light my friend.