Vibrations – we all have them – angels have them – saints have them – Mother Earth has them – Heavenly realm has them. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit vibrate with total awesome energy.

As we know Angels vibrate at a higher level of energy than humans. Have you ever asked yourself ”What energy level am I vibrating at ?” The higher level of energy you’re putting out the more you create and the greater your contribution to life and goodness on the planet Earth.

Most of us are aware our Mother Earth is struggling. All the poisons and abuse she is having to endure is robbing her of her vibrational energy. That happens long enough the planet will die and all living creation with it.

As in grief we are robbed of our energy and our vibrational frequency is low. If allowed to continue over time the body will die – slow and agonizing.

It becomes the griever’s responsibility to fight the battle that wages within. Fight the pain and overwhelm that death of a loved one brings. I’m not suggesting you bury your grief but I’m strongly advising you to ”manage” your grief. Remember always what you focus on grows. Focusing on the negative impacts of grief will produce negative vibrations in your body, in your circle and out into the world. I know you’re saying – are you crazy lady – what positives can there possibly be ?? You’re right to say that to a point. It’s a raw deal you’ve been dealt but you can make the choice to make the best of it – become better rather than bitter – and create a lasting legacy because your loved one lived. A great example is MADD – Mother’s Against Drug Drivers. The positive that has been created from the negative impacts us all !! Now that’s ”positive”. I missed the love my daughter gave me on earth so by becoming a creature of loving compassion I’ve become better and helped other’s walk their journey . I became a living example that it can be done.

Make it your resolve and take responsibility to raise your vibrations (as hard as it is) for the higher good. Educate yourself on God’s promises. Believe them. Accept your loved one can still connect with you at a higher frequency and sends messages to you. Grow your awareness and watch for miracles. This planet and all alive on it today will not survive unless we take a stand against darkness. The devil’s strongest tool is ”grief” . It robs, kills and destroys our lives (if we chose to let it). John 10:10 says plainly that it’s the Devil causing the darkness. He caused ”death” in the first place.

DON’T and I say DON’T fall for the ”poor me” mentality. That will rob you of any positive energy you have left. We stand against that darkness and believe instead ”I know the plans I have for you – pans for peace – to give you a future and a hope”.. Jer.29:11.

Get yourself motivated to stretch beyond what you know. Use your grief as a catalyst to move you up and be a blessing to those around you and Mother Earth. Don’t go through your life asleep – wake up !!! Is it easy – NO – but it is do-able. Decide today to Rise up and Sorrow Not. 1 Thess 4: 13-14